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I think Jaimie and I have both said a dozen times all ready – “What am I doing here?” It’s not always easy to see the forest through the trees. As my days go on, I’ve been focused on studying through the Gospels and casually reading through the letters. One thing I’ve been noticing about John the Baptist and Jesus is they both brought a very urgent, change-now message. A focus on the end-today mentality. So how am I to do that here?

I’m sorry, did you think that was a rhetorical question?  It wasn’t. I’m open for suggestions. Two Sundays ago I had epic success – God allowed me to study the Bible with three men: a neo-Hindu, a regular Hindu, and an orthodox (like Catholic)….but nobody came back this week.

A “what can I do for the kingdom today” mentality is really difficult. I want to plan next weekend, next month, next year, etc.  But today?  To live that short sighted? Everything about me, from the way I was raised, what I watch on TV, to what I hear day to day tells me the opposite.  Plan for the future. So, am I to merge the two or just focus on one?


I Found Ambazari Park in Nagpur!

While I’m figuring out the mystery of day to day life, we have been having a few success stories. Last week we made chicken curry with a friend from work. And, on Friday I took a couple hours off and found a park to go to. And let me tell you, navigating there on a scooter is quite a rush. Here are some photos for the folks that like that kind of stuff.

After the park Jaimie and I went to an ice cream place that has the best chocolate brownie ice cream. I should have taken a picture, but just think of ordering fajitas at a Mexican restaurant. The come out on a sizzling plate, correct?  That’s the way our dish was served. It came out on a hot plate of boiling liquid chocolate with a brownie set in the middle and ice cream on top. It cost as much as our dinner the night before…but it was worth it.

2 thoughts on “What To Do In Nagpur

  1. Jodi

    Dear Friends!!

    Sounds like you are doing day-to-day just fine! Every word you speak and your very presence in Nagpur tells people a story- a story of faith, determination, passion. Your willingness to be there tells them “We are different” and this leads to an awesome testimony for Jesus- with or without words spoken. Just remember when people stare at you- which I am sure they do- that they are thinking to themselves… “hmmmm, something is different about these people!” and those with open hearts will eventually ask!

    The park and ice cream also sound amazing!! enjoy!!

    • Thank you Jodi for the encouragement. And yes – we get lots of stares everywhere we go…mostly Jaimie though, I feel a little left out sometimes. But I think they are thinking…”hmmmm, I wonder if there is a solution to those freckles?”

      The last time we were at the park this little girl ran 1/8 mile to catch Jaimie and get her photo with her. haha…It’s pleasant when little children stare at you. Awkward when anyone over 16 stares.

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