We Leave Wednesday Early Morning!

ben and jaimie party

We leave soon. Jaimie and I are at our last two days. We have started moving and packing. This week we threw out 7-8 garbage bags of junk. We’re busy moving furniture, packing bags, selling things, accepting donations (wink*wink*).  – Just kidding.  But seriously, many many people have been helping Jaimie and I tremendously by giving us their time, inviting us to dinners and lunches, giving us small checks and saying, “Here is for air and Internet.” It’s been so humbling seeing the generosity of the people around us. Thank you so much!

What Happened Friday Night?

One of these generous moments was Friday Night. Marco was able to shoot a video for us so we all can see what went on. Our closest friends threw a little going away party and you can be a part of it by watching the video below.

*UPDATE: Video removed for security purposes.


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  1. Ben and Jamie – I look forward to following your blog and reading about your experiences in India. I am a loyal reader of Life is Beechy Keen, and Jena tipped me off to your blog. My husband and I did a six month assignment in Chennai, India back in 2011 and we loved it. I would go back in a heartbeat. I wish you all the best.

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