These Are The Best Keys (Learn About Ganesha too)


People just hand out anything over here…like a scooter to a white kid!  (Some rupees helped facilitate this deal) I don’t have an Indian drivers license, an address, credit cards, bank accounts, or a healthy grasp on road rules here… but I have a scooter!

the idol ganesha

Ganesha is the Hindu god who starts the ball rolling. Before a Hindu person would begin anything – a new work venture, for example – they would worship Ganesha for good luck. I’m sure you’ve seen a few pics on the blog. Here is another. It’s almost identical to Christmas – except I think Americans spend more on Christmas and it lasts longer…and we don’t worship the tree. Anyway, the next five or six months, there will be a lot of festivals. But the festival for Ganesha is the kick-off. The streets have Christmas-y lights, there are stands selling Ganesha statues and temples all over, and people are busy shopping and full of stress.

Here is how this 10 day festival of Ganesha works.

photo 1Day One

You purchase a stand (temple) and a god (Ganesha – made out of clay) and keep him covered until you or a priest comes to your house and uncovers Ganesha. When he is covered you decorate his stand, much like a Christmas Tree. There are lights, colors, stands, etc. Once he is uncovered you give him offerings of incense, burning oils, foods, money, etc. (Not like a Christmas tree).

During the Festival

One would usually have a feast or party called Ganpati, dedicated as an offering to Ganesha. The day doesn’t matter. Jaimie and I were invited to one of these feasts the other night – we were unknowing that the whole buffet was an offering to the Hindu god Ganesha.  Once we arrived, we soon learned this – and, didn’t stay too long after.

Day 3, 5, or 10

Now depending on your culture, heritage, religious sect… I’m not too clear on these details… you would take Ganesha and put him in the lake. Because he is clay, he usually goes down easily and dissolves – but if he floats, it’s considered very bad. So you can pay a local boy rs.50 (about 1USD) and he will swim Ganesha out into the lake and sink him for you.

What else Happened This Weekend?

Jaimie and I went to a roller blade competition, watched a little TV, went to church, and…  Visited an Orphanage! The owners were very curious about us and we were excited to ask some of our questions on how to get one started. We got a quick tour of the facility and enjoyed our time. We also got a lot of intel on how to get a Christian orphanage up and running successfully. We will continue to move ahead and keep you guys informed!

10 thoughts on “These Are The Best Keys (Learn About Ganesha too)

  1. Jodi

    I was chuckling out loud this early morning imagining these scenes! What writers you are- ! as well as missionary marvels!! Thanks for the updates, we love to hear all the news and are inspired as you plug away toward God’s purposes over there!

    With much love! Garry and Jodi

    • Thanks Jodi & Garry. It’s insane how close everyone gets to each other when driving – and I think I’m the only one who waits till the light turns green.

  2. Karen

    I agree with Jodi, you are a great writer and you always make me laugh. We are blessed to have you for our son-in-law…you’re the best! We know what you and Jaimie are doing isn’t easy, but we also know that God is with you every step, every day. Love you both.

    • Hey Karen, thanks for the reply! Jaimie and I sure appreciate your support and prayers. Well keep writing on here and keep everyone updated on what’s going on! Love you guys too. Any wild thing happen to the house? I’m checking on google maps – seems like everything is normal 😉

  3. Sharon

    Didn’t know they even had scooters over there! At least there is one defensive driver over there! Ben, I am reading your Mother’s book about your wedding. It is so wonderful to see how God worked THEN and read your posts to see how God is working NOW! He always is at work! We are His clay and I praise God you and Jaimie are being just that.

    • Thank you Sharon for the words of encouragement! Thank you so much for reading our blog and keeping in touch. It’s comforting to keep in communication to you and our friends in the States. Jaimie and I are excited to be His clay… now we wait and see.

    • Thanks for the comment Terry… I thought as you thought as well. Seems like the birth was out of water or something…so they are returning the idol back. I’m not 100% sure. Each week there is a new idol to worship/festival to be apart of. It’s actually kind of nice – there are christmas lights everywhere, parties and celebrations. It’s quite a fun season we are apart of (minus all the worship).

      Thanks again for supporting us!

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