Purchasing Tickets


Buying Plane Tickets is the Worst

Purchasing tickets for me is one of the most difficult things that I ever do. I know that once I make the purchase, my view shifts quickly from “what a fun idea” to “there is no going back.” Even on short trips it is so difficult because so much money disappears all at once. I selfishly wish that I was going to Haiti, Puerto Rico, or any place where the cost of getting there wasn’t $1,000’s. But apparently there is no place for selfishness in God’s plan – which is another thing I struggle with.

If you have read this far, your assumptions are correct: Jaimie and I purchased our plane tickets to India this past Saturday. I’m not¬†entirely¬†sure how long we will stay in India. I’m planning on around one year. We just purchased one-way tickets at this time. We will be leaving the comfort of the American dream on August 14th. We’re going to a place where the beds (I’m pretty sure) are made out of straw, the water is unsafe to drink and we are pretty much guaranteed sickness… and toilet paper is a foreign concept.

Jaimie and I are doing this because we pray that God will see our obedience and draw closer to us.

Come near to God and he will come near to you. – James 4:8a

I believe that if I get rid of the stuff that I constantly hold onto for fear that it will be lost or stolen, that it will just be my wife, God, and the lost world. I won’t have time to worry about other things. I’ll have time to focus on my purpose – which is expanding the kingdom of God.

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