One Week and Counting


We are leaving for India in one week.

What in the world happened last week?…let’s see:

  • Go to the Dentist
  • Go to the Doctor
  • Organize parts of the garage
  • Have a farewell party
  • Call car insurance
  • Quit my job
  • Have another farewell party
  • Research oversea communication
  • Begin the living will and that stuff.
  • etc…

That’s just me. Jaimie will have to tell you her full week. This week Jaimie and I already have 6 events on the schedule and I have 3 client meetings…and I’m sure more to come. It’s been extremely busy for us! But it’s nice that we don’t just sit in the house stressing about the move. There are lots of things keeping us busy.

Services Offered

One of my most favorite accomplishments this week is re-designing my entire website. From bottom up, Skillful Antics, now has a fresh new look on everything. One of the ways Jaimie and I are trying to fund our trip is to work for ourselves. Building websites for people is something I can do anywhere. So I encourage you to check out the new website and get a flavor of what I do for a living – if you know anyone who needs a website, I’d be more than happy to help them out.

What are Jaimie and I going through mentally?

I think I speak for us both when I say we are getting excited, nervous, happy, sad, etc. all at the same time. Jaimie and I are going to an area we hardly know. I’ve been encouraged to think this way:  “Think, here in America you write five things on a list and head out for the day and you can get all five done. In India, write five things on a list, head out for the day, and hopefully by tomorrow you will get the first one done.” Not being able to communicate, not knowing the roads, stores, prices, expectations, corrupt laws, etc. puts an unsettling feeling in our gut.

We are certainly not allowing that fear to cripple us. Moving forward towards God is the active command he gave all of us – but sometimes it’s a little uneasy. It reminds me of Abraham. God called Abraham to leave his hometown and trek across the land to an unknown area. It’s so scary for me to do something like this without receiving any type of “divine revelation,” and I’ve been there twice. Not only that, I’ve traveled to tons of places inside and outside the US. If anything, I think I would be considered an experienced traveler who already has connections on the ground. Abraham had nothing. Back in those days you never left your home. No wonder the faith he had was credited to him as righteousness.

Oh yes, and one more thing – about the “divine revelation” bit. I think you should know Jaimie and I haven’t been “called” or blinded on the road to Minneola. We’re going to India because we want to teach people about Jesus who haven’t heard about him. There are many places to do this, but we had connections in India and it seems like a good place to start learning how to go into foreign land. For everyone else waiting for a “mountain top moment,” you should know we’ve already been commanded to go out and teach people about Jesus (Matt 18:19-20). You can do that anywhere – it doesn’t have to be in India. But if you want to come and visit and fumble around with Jaimie and I, we have room!


2 thoughts on “One Week and Counting

  1. Darla Martinez

    Thank you for keeping us up to date on your trip! Marco and I are so excited for you! We are praying that your experience is everything and more of what you hope it to be. I admire your desire to share the Gospel. It is such an honorable thing for you to do. You are a great example to other young couples in the church. This is a powerful thing for you to do as husband and wife. The strongest commonality that Marco and I have together is our love for the Father, His Word and the church. You both bless us so to see that you have the same commonality with one another! I also want to thank you for the beautifully professional job you did on Marco’s books and his website for the book!! May God continue to bless you as you serve Him in the Kingdom! Stay strong and courageous! Love, Darla and Marco

    • Thanks Marco and Darla. You guys are sure an inspiration to us! Being willing to give up your time and continuing to teach Jaimie and I week after week is more valuable to us than any amount of time we can help with the books! Thank you so much for the encouragement. It means a lot!

      Also, anytime you mention the books you wrote online, add a link to the website! (It will help with SEO and sales –

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