One Suitcase


According to our research, it looks like United Airlines allows us each to check only one (1) suitcase free of charge on our flight from Orlando to Mumbai. Since there is a hefty charge for additional baggage, we will be sticking it to the man and fitting our entire lives into two bags weighing 50lbs and measuring 62.0-linear-inches. What?

Mostly I enjoy playing this game. How much stuff do we really need to bring, anyway? I usually just take a carry-on suitcase when traveling in the U.S. I am kind of a lazy traveler.

I have one tiny obsessive side that does not enjoy playing this game. (My “essential” books alone weigh at least 15lbs!) I can hear my sister saying “you’re a nerd!” but I can’t help it.

Now we are in the process of evaluating needs vs. wants. Luckily, I can’t think of very many needs. One of my well-traveled friends advised me to bring jeans and shoes to last a year, since I won’t be able to find my size in India (sad truth). Other than those and a few cosmetics (which are not technically “needs,” but whatever) I can purchase things there as needed.

Selling our things has been a freeing experience for us so far. We have gotten rid of a lot, and I haven’t really missed any of it! I’m kind of excited I’ll only have to keep track of one bag of stuff. Freedom!

I read a verse this week that encouraged me in this:

1 Timothy 6:6-8  But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.

6 thoughts on “One Suitcase

  1. Darla Martinez

    I am so excited for you!! It won’t be long now before your plans will come to full fruition. I know what you mean by not really missing the stuff that you no longer have. I’ve had my kitchen things packed away for over 3 months now and I have been able to make due very easily with out that extra stuff. I went without an oven for over a year and did just fine! It is freeing not to be weighed down by stuff!! Love you friend! Marco and I pray that you and Ben are blessed beyond measure in your spiritual walk with God and with one another as husband and wife through this exciting journey you are about to embark on!! Love, Darla and Marco

  2. Jodi

    Hey!!! I love this! Years ago missionaries I knew called it the “one suitcase challenge”… it was not because they charged extra for baggage back then, but just to keep themselves light and ready to go. I admire you as you trust in Him in every way. It is inspiring to see you as you “go” (Matt 28).

    love you!

  3. Kristy

    Man I am gonna have to lose some weight for me to be able to fit in the one bag!!! 😉 I am so excited for you!!! You guys are such a wonderful example for me and Keith. It’s been the best two years growing close to you guys. A friendship that will last forever. Love you dearly sister!!

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