New Priorities


I have dedicated myself to completing the Rosetta Stone Hindi lessons by the end of August. I believe I can do it and it might provide a decent foundation for learning the language once we arrive in-country, but so far I am not convinced that what I’m learning will help me share God’s Word in India. As of yesterday, I can say “The red fish is swimming” and “I am a teacher.” I can also say “That girl is not driving the car.” Hmm..

Ben sold one of my favorite textbooks today, the Mexico Reader. What a sacrifice. I think it will be worth it, though 🙂 Books have been the hardest thing to get rid of so far. Most everything else is replaceable in my eyes. Besides, when Jesus says to sell your possessions and give to the poor, I think he meant it. I know that in practice, following this command will look different for each family; I also know that Ben and I are in the perfect season of our lives to go all-out here.

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