Nagpur in December!


Ben & Jaimie’s December in Nagpur, India

This month we were invited into the homes of church families, traveled 10 hours by car through rough jungle roads to visit a neighboring mission, were greeted by Jordan, John, and Tina, and participated in many Christmas activities!

Welcomed into the Homes of Church Families

Jaimie and I are beginning to feel very welcomed in the local church. Near the end of last month we were invited to a birthday party for a 7 year old. I was asked to teach a Bible study and chose the passage in scripture where Jesus sends his disciples out and tells them to bless the homes they are welcomed in. It’s so encouraging to be invited into the homes of fellow believers; Jaimie and I can easily understand why the disciples came back telling many positive stories and celebrating. We too felt so loved.

Then again on the first Sunday in December, Jaimie and I were invited to the home of some new friends.  We discussed many things. He was an open book and it was very refreshing having open conversations with a fellow Christian. During our discussion about his life,, Jaimie was bonding with his wife trying on many Indian dresses.

Just last week they invited us back along with Tina, so we are becoming friends quickly 🙂

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