I Quit & Looking for an Apartment

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I quit!

It was actually one of the best exits I have had at a company. I think everyone there looks at me through a “I don’t understand that” lens. But can you blame them? I look at myself through that lens daily. One person told me that they admire that I am doing something that I believe in. Never thought of it like that. I’m turning my life upside down, moving my wife and I to a foreign country, putting everything on hold – perhaps never to be picked up again, and all because I believe 2,000 years ago a man named Jesus was telling the truth.

Sneaky Sneaky Pride

When you put it like that, I’m doing pretty good. Easy to get that “look at me” attitude. But the mistake that I could easily make is assuming I’m turningĀ my life upside down.

The last time I checked, I was bought with a price. (1 Cor 7:23).

We are six weeks away. The things that are important are becoming quick priorities, and the things I thought were important are being left by the wayside. And I am still struggling with pride. I am trying to watch myself, and watch my life at a distance to see where I am being attacked.

One thing that is really helping any pride issues I have is the pressing thought that now, I don’t have a job. Not easy to build up that sense of pride when you’re worried about not working. My company graciously asked if I could stay on a couple days a week and train my replacement. But at the end of the day, we are six weeks away.

Apartment Hunt

Living RoomSo what is the first thing one does when he quits his job? Looks for an apartment in another country, of course. I have a friend in India who is the most helpful anyone has ever been to me. He and I are hunting them down. We are looking at one closely, and it is $4,000 – for the year. It’s not quite like the one above, it’s more like the one to the left. Coincidentally, that’s how much our plane tickets cost. We can live in India for a year on what it takes to get there and back once.

It’s a 2 bedroom, so we have space for someone to come and visit. If anyone is interested, we got this! You can read our earlier post on tips for first time India travelers, and we’ll help you out along the way!

Also, if you need a website built, I’ll hook you up. (I’m out of work now – I’m pretty good).



P.S. The main image was acquired from IREO.

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