Counting the Items


Counting the Cost Items

As Jaimie and I go through our things a thought keeps popping into my mind.

“How did I become like this?”

As I sit and type, I can barely move because of the clutter. I have so much stuff. I have a 5’x3′ desk, and it’s completely covered. I have accumulated so many things. The kitchen, by far, is the most organized distater in our home. It’s a whole room of storage cabinets. One of the smallest rooms in our home holds the most. It’s incredible. I counted the other day, we have 8 frying pans. How could this be? I had 6 guitars (for sale now), two cars, three couches, 2 beds, 5 dressers…and the list goes on. How did I become like this?

False Teachings

I believe it’s because that I have been taught that since I live in a “christian nation” that I can have my cake and eat it too. When Jesus says things like sell your things and give to the poor, or go and make disciples… He wasn’t really talking to me, right? What he meant to say is, stay where you are, work hard and make a lot of money, and then you can give a measly 10% to the local church and feel good about yourself.  That’s what Jesus meant to say, right? I look around, and shameful to admit, I must have believed that.

Here is some news. Jaimie and I don’t give 10% to the local church. If there is a specific need that the Church is asking for, we’re more than willing to help. But why would I only give 10% of a piece of my life to the local Church? Jesus commands us to give it all. (Which I have by no means figured out). How can I give it all? Every day I’m told through words or example through friends, family, media, government, etc. that I should keep it all. I should save, I should invest, I should buy fun things and take fancy trips. I should buy more homes, watch more TV, work longer hours to get overtime. Should I go on?

Giving it All

I have no idea what it means to give it all. But could it mean what I’ve believed it to mean for so many years? Save my things and write a small check once a week? I don’t think so. This is why going through all of my things and either throwing them out or selling them is so hard. Not because it’s hard to get rid of things. It’s because every day I see another item, I realize how much I failed Jesus in the past by collecting these things and holding onto them so dearly.

8 thoughts on “Counting the Items

  1. Cindy Zentmeyer

    This is so true Ben and it is a divine revelation that Less is actually More !!!! It has taken years for God to finally get my attention on this and I still struggle with it!! It is a blessing to hear from God and follow through. We are so excited for you and Jaimie and the adventure that God has placed in your hearts!! God is working on me and calling me to purge and get rid of things as well because they are distractions!!! If a possession allows me to build relationships and fellowship with others and is used for that purpose to glorify God then it has value. But if it is self focused and all about me then it is probably time to let it go…. God bless you as you let go!!!! God is preparing you for a great adventure!!!!

    • BenHoman

      I completely agree. Thanks for the comment and support! It feels nice to get rid of all this stuff… good thing too considering our vaccinations are quite a bit of money. Haha.

  2. Kristy

    I too am often convicted in this area. I am praying God makes it clear to me what it does mean to “give it all away!” Thank you for sharing this Ben. I am more encouraged to seek out Gods guidance in this area of my life.

    • BenHoman

      It’s hard to wrestle with, that’s for sure. When does giving it a way become reckless and foolish? Tough balance… Thanks for the comment.


    Ben, you did a great job on this site – very impressive work Benjamin. Looking forward hearing all about the adventure of Ben and Jamie! God bless you two.


    • Ben Homan

      The site was Jaimie’s idea. But I will take the credit because I married her after all. Haha. Jk. She’s a creative wife! Thanks Marco. See you tonight.

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